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clear CERAMIC braces

For patients with more esthetic concerns, ceramic clear braces are often a great option. Although less visible than metal, ceramic braces require more attention to oral hygiene.

LINGUAL braces

Lingual brackets are similar to silver braces but are placed on the inside of the teeth making them almost invisible. Although not ideal for all bites, it is often a great alternative for some patients.

Traditional silver braces

Smaller and more comfortable than ever before, silver brackets are still our most popular braces. The option of adding colored elastics (O-rings) makes the process fun and creative.


Invisalign treatment involves a series of removable clear plastic trays that are worn 18-22 hours per day to align teeth. While close to full time compliance is crucial, the trays are esthetic, comfortable, and make brushing and flossing easy.


With the evolution of new technologies in orthodontics,

adult treatment is becoming more common than ever. The desire not only for improved esthetics but also to preserve healthy teeth and gums has made adult orthodontics commonplace. Invisalign, ceramic braces, lingual braces and removable active retainers are all attractive options for adults.

early &

two phase treatment

The right timing to start orthodontics is different for every patient. While many patients can wait until their permanent teeth all erupt, some patients can greatly benefit from starting early and being treated in two phases.


The first phase is often done to help make space for teeth to erupt, avoid tooth impaction, or correct a bite issue (overbite, underbite, openbite, crossbite).


Phase One Treatment often includes expanders, braces on the 4 front permanent teeth, retainers, and nighttime appliances to help with jaw relationships.


Phase Two Treatment is usually started when all or most of the permanent teeth have erupted and usually involves full braces and / or invisalign.


Occasionally a patient will have a skeletal discrepancy that orthodontics alone cannot correct. For example, the upper or lower jaw can be too large or small or asymmetric. In these cases, an ideal result can be achieved through collaboration with an oral surgeon. 



Digital X-Rays

Provides reduced radiation exposure and increased clarity.

Itero Scanner

Creates a 3 dimensional tooth model that can be used for invisalign processing, study models, and appliances. This often avoids the need for impressions.

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